April Fool’s Day (C-Jay Edition)

Rating: R

Time: 89 Minutes

Release Date: March 27, 1986

Starring: Thomas F. Wilson; Deborah Foreman; Clayton Rohner; Deborah Goodrich

My Synopsis: A troupe of college kids are going out to a mutual friend named Muffy’s house to spend the week partying. When a group of young people get together in a movie it means one of two things, they form a gang a la the Outsiders or they all get hunted down and murdered by an antisocial psychopath. Well this film just happens to be set on the day of fools…April 1. The date is important because Muffy sets up a series of practical jokes that some of the friends find to be in bad taste. Let’s introduce our cast of characters, we have Muffy whose father owns the house in question but will be giving it to Muffy…maybe. Then we have the group of college friends that know one another, Chaz is the annoying “cool” guy who is always cracking jokes and for some odd reason is carrying a camera around throughout the first scenes of the film. Nikki is the loose woman, there always seems to be a loose woman in 80’s horror films. Arch, who is played by none other than Back to the Future’s own Biff, playing the sex crazed jock who had a past relationship with Buffy(which actually makes for a good line during an interaction between Muffy and Nikki). Then we have the all American couple in Rob and Kit. Then there are a few people who are not friends with the core group but are invited by Muffy anyway. Nan is the good girl who is into drama and was actually a part of Muffy’s drama team. Then we have Harvey who plays the southern (not-so) gentleman. And last but not least Skip who is Muffy’s cousin and the first one to die. Skip’s death is followed by the subsequent deaths of nearly all of our characters until finally Kit is about to be murdered by the assailant and…sorry I just can’t ruin it for you…maybe Darthmerj will, stay tuned for his review which should be posted soon.

My Grade: 5

I give this a five because it’s mediocre. If you don’t know the killer twist ending it would either be a 6 or a 4 depending on how you feel about the reveal. I however knew the surprise and was watching simply to be entertained. For the most part it isn’t too bad. It doesn’t take too long to get where it’s going and it doesn’t take itself too seriously, but it’s still pretty mediocre overall.

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